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Shikoku Island League plus is the first professional independent

baseball league in Japan founded in 2005. It was created as a

platform to help players achieve their dreams to play for the elite

teams. Currently there are four teams that belong to Shikoku Island

League plus.

1: Kagawa Olive Guyners (Kagawa Prefecture),

2: Tokushima Indigo Socks (Tokushima Prefecture),

3: Ehime Mandarin Pirates (Ehime Prefecture) and

4: Kochi Fighting Dogs (Kochi Prefecture).

In the past 11 years, Shikoku Island League plus have sent 54 players

to NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) including a few players who

were selected for the national team “Samurai Japan”. Needless to say,

our fans are excited and proud of all the accomplishments the

players have made. Our goal as an organization is to continue

providing opportunities for baseball players to fulll their dreams,

and we hope to revitalize Shikoku prefecture through baseball!!

Kabuki is one of Japan’s most traditional stage arts.

The word is said to derive from the verb

“kabuku” which means to lean or be extraordinary.

For the players of Shikoku Island League plus, this

North American baseball tour requires an extraordinary

spirit to challenge themselves on the

global level, and that is Kabuki Spirits!

About Shikoku

Shikoku is one of the four main islands that make up Japan located in the southwest. The island is about 18,000 square kilometers, the size of Lake Ontario, and consists of four prefectures: Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime and Kochi. It is blessed

with a mild climate, majestic mountains and oceans as well as mysterious valleys and woods. Shikoku is

known for a pilgrimage called “ohenro”. This pilgrimage began more than a thousand years ago,

and the pilgrims visit 88 Buddhist temples on the island. Many people return each year to make 

the pilgrimage, and in the recent years an increasing number of 

foreigners are visiting Shikoku for ohenro.

Japan is the country of “hospitality”, and the people of

Shikoku are especially compassionate and love to care for the pilgrims. 

Baseball is the most popular sport on the island, and from amateur to 

professional, many players are from Shikoku; Hideki Irabu (pitcher, 

New York Yankees) from Kagawa prefecture, Kenshin Kawakami 

(pitcher, Atlanta Braves) from Tokushima prefecture, Akinori Iwamura

(outelder, Tampa Bay Rays) from Ehime prefecture, to name a few.